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1. All courses will remain the same as last year. The marks are in the same locations.

2. Fleets will be the same (Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, Shark) provided there are enough participants signed up to maintain all fleets.

3. There is no change to Racing or RC Instructions

4. There will be a race fee of $130+HST=$146.90. This will include your PHRF certificate. The payment can be e-transferred to

5. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure all precautions are taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. BQYC recommends that anyone sailing on your boat is considered a part of your family group. BQYC also recommends that all sailors wear masks while in close contact with other sailors. While visiting the club facility, before and after racing, it is expected that the club rules concerning Covid-19 are strictly adhered to.

6. Please send an email to if you will be participating

BQYC Keel Boat Racing

BQYC is active with 3 PHRF divisions plus Sharks:Sundance

  •  Div 1 - Spinnaker, faster boats with PHRF below about 200
  •  Div 2 - Spinnaker, PHRF above about 200
  •  Div 3 - White Sail, no spinnaker nor flying headsails
  •  Shark class - One Design racing

2024 Race Information

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